Thank You, each and every one who had the courage to see and hear yesterdays’ post.

Being confronted unexpectedly can make people pull back and break the connection with a site like mine, specially as it is usually just a light hearted moan about life’s trivia, but yesterday’s post was important and I know it was unexpected.  To those I hurt, I am sorry, it was not an ambush, it was just so terribly sad, so utterly deplorable, I had to do a piece on it.  I did think long and hard about the images, those images of a true hell and almost didn’t post them but they cut so deeply into the horror I could not, in all honesty, not post them.  I don’t want to offend anyone but sometimes you have to find the courage to expose the inhumanity of people even if it does prick our little bubbles.  The bubble will heal or maybe harden.

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