Am I guilty of lack of passion? Tell me I need to know.

The size of the visual demonstration of care through the laying of flowers after an event that leads in one of more deaths is due to what?



6 thoughts on “Am I guilty of lack of passion? Tell me I need to know.

  1. Well if anyone would know it would be you old friend. In the meaning of life it matters not a jot but as said I think the hurt for people who lose a loved one in ‘normal’ circumstances could be an issue that needs to be addressed although I am not sure how. One simple approach might be a charity that places a proper marker roadside for road accident victims. By another party recognising the loss it might make it less ‘lonely’ for the family. When the ‘super victims’ get statues, plaques and charities set up in their honor, let alone services sponsored by funeral homes because it is good advertising for their business, it throws values out of kilter. It could make an interesting PHd though. Hope you have a great holiday.. Brodie

    • I think you are right about those who are bereaved and where very little public interest is shown; there is likely to be a feeling of “Were our relations/friends not ‘good’ or ‘important’ enough?”, particularly where their loss occurs around the same time as one of these major media events. It would be impossible to put the geni back in the bottle and revert to less dramatic, all pervading and personally intrusive media coverage but perhaps the media organisations who actually profit from these events could be persuaded to put up the charitable funds necessary to mark the deaths of less well known victims and to make their lives known to a wider public.

  2. I think that you have raised a really interesting point and one that is worthy of thoughtful consideration. I think that we probably need to leave out what happened after the death of Princess Diana as there were very special circumstances operating in connection with that event with Diana being such a media icon, although I think there are connections.

    As a psychologist, I suspect that what is occurring is a case of mass or epidemic hysteria. It would be interesting to research what sparks it but I suspect it is the initial and these days almost instant saturation coverage that modern media invariably provides to events that seem out of the ordinary.

    • Thank you for your reply and i get that, but there must be another form of metering going on or it would happen on every occasion and i fear that those in pain for their loss which does not get the public outpouring might feel their loss is somehow not as woethy and I find that thought very sad. Thanks again for both listening and bothering to reply. B

    • I am so sorry I missed the opportunity to reply to your response and I certainly understand your perspective. I guess I am asking myself if the fault lies within me rather than the resdt of the world. Thank you for listening and engaging too. All the very best for 2015.

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