Have your say because in Australia, we can’t.


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Larry Pickering, that loveable old rascal who lampoons everything and everybody has had a visit from the Police, the security police no less to tell him that he has upset some locals with his somewhat astringent view on the meaning of life. He is now under a sort of guard, like Salman Rushdie has been for a third of his life. It has set the hounds running over many matters such as Human Rights. In Australia we have a Human Rights Charter of some nature that virtually, if taken to its possible conclusion, makes it impossible to be a political and social cartoonist. I support sensible things like not ridiculing someone because of their colour because you cannot change your colour or your height or sexuality, nor the fact you might suffer from albinism or another disability. These need to be tenants because they are things you cannot change. You can change your politics, religion, weight, hair colour, ideas, philosophies; these you opt into or out of and because they are alterable they should be open to be questioned. I agree totally that incitement to violence, to hurt anything or inflict damage upon property should be a no-go zone but to prevent social comment because it might be hurtful is muzzling the freedom of speech. Muzzling the media about things that we can change via social comment is not valid and Australians are the poorer for allowing Legal Interpretation to send our Country in this backwater of expression management. Issues that should be debated and parodied if needs be, should be anything that people pander to, are enslaved by that has no basis in fact because they are founded in fables developed at a time of extreme ignorance by the species, these should be at the top of the list for maximum exposure to evaluation at all levels. Cartoons and writings make us think; you only need to fear what you do not understand and that you can rectify. Such is life. Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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