Killing a Community with Kindness or Correctness is bad either way



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As Victoria is currently under grey skies and has had the wettest January in years, bushfires have receded from ones mind as being on the worry list and in places replaced by flooding. It will sort itself out though and the farmers of north western Victoria are looking forward to paying down some of their debt caused by drought. How they live on the edge of ruin caused by the feast or famine cycle year after year gobsmacks me, they are extraordinary people and rather than ‘nannying’ each Victorian child which our Government does, it should be mandatory that they go and spend a summer on a farm to toughen them up and introduce them to a few realities of life. In fact our State Government, no matter what their political persuasion and like Governments all over the world should learn to keep their noses our of our lives and refrain from telling us what we need and listening to us about what we would like. Ten years after the terrible fires in the Marysville area, the township is suffering from the maintenance of the white elephants foisted upon the community. The basketball court has never had a game played on it and the community multi-purpose building is too expensive to hire. Residency has dropped from 700 to 250 and thus the burden of maintaining this infrastructure falls on the few. Had the 44 million dollars, mainly donated by the caring public, been put in the bank and infrastructure added to meet the needs, the story would be very different. Learn to leave well alone should be the post disaster maxim, be there when asked but let communities heal themselves at a pace that meets their physical and emotional needs. Communities are organic, there is no blueprint. Do-Gooders should bugger off and not satisfy their own egos and arrogance at the expense of people they know nothing about. Such is life. Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

One thought on “Killing a Community with Kindness or Correctness is bad either way

  1. Thank you for prompting me to consider this issue, Brodie. How thumpingly maligned. Knowing the facts saddens me, but it is good to be now properly educated, and be prompted to form an opinion.

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