Westpac Siege hostage wants 100 grand for story. Is that insider trading?



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Reverberations continue post Sydney Lindt siege with two sad, bordering on revolting tales that found their way onto the net over the last couple of days. While the families of those lost in the tragedy are still raw, doe eyed Westpac executive Marcia Mikhael is demanding “no less than a six figure sum, and doesn’t want to be insulted” for her inside story. “When I say I don’t want to be insulted, I’m saying I don’t want a figure of $10,000” Mr Arraj, her lawyer confirmed. So while this Westpac Exec has her begging bowl out in front of the media machine’s cash-for-comment accounting departments, another soul-less individual is also doing his bit to make all senior citizen look intellectually challenged. The Reverend Nile, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, had his moment of fun-in-the-media-sun saying the only real man in the siege was the man holding the gun. He suggests that the men who escaped during the siege were cowards because they left the women to their fate. He has since tried to correct what he meant saying he was misunderstood but a replay of the interview makes that unlikely because it is what he said. I am not sure if The Reverend has ever had much more than a finger pointed at him so I wonder as to what his response to that experience might have been but it may have required a change of underwear; but he is inferring he has more manlihood than those men who escaped. That is both cruel and insulting for a man of the cloth. His cloth is clearly not a healing bandage. I hope Ms Mikhael is trumped by another hostage who will give his or her inside story in the interests of truth rather than the exploitation of another wealth creation opportunity for which Ms Mikhael has possibly been trained by her employer.

Such Is life. Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

One thought on “Westpac Siege hostage wants 100 grand for story. Is that insider trading?

  1. Simply appalling – perhaps she is hoping the media exposure will yield an invitation to join Big Brother (or at the very least, an interview in No Idea or Womens’ Weeply) 👎

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