Doe gets her dough on 7 but 9 gets 10…Oh Brother!


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Remember my appraisal of Marcia Mikhael desiring not to be insulted, well you will be pleased to know she wasn’t, indeed she is reputed to have been given $350,000 for her take on ‘what its like to be a hostage’ the thrilling inside story paid by the local TV channel 7 who trumped Channel Nine’s 300 grand offering. But don’t feel sorry for Chanel 9, they have their own ‘special’ with no less than a quorum of hostages including the one they all really wanted, Julie Taylor, the one reputed to have been saved by Katrina Dawson. So we are going to have the story of the body builder with her ample accoutrements who really shouldn’t have been there at the time because chocolate was not really good for her diet versus the ‘big 10’. I can only hope the other lot got the same, that would be 3.5 mill for their heart stopping, tear jerking emotional gut wrenching expose. You have got to love the Australian public because these media folk are not stupid, they know a thing or two about the Aussie psyche but would not be much good as spotting an opportunity in Norway. Norway has become the epicenter of ‘slow’ TV with a 7 hour documentary showing a train journey and it was so popular, they did one about a ferry and the ratings have been wonderful and what’s more what does it cost to put a gopro on the front of a train, not 3.5 big ones you can bet your bippy (there is that damnable bippy again, what is it!) No we are going to be witness the real Ozzie character, welcome to a country that IS Big Brother and proud of it. We love ourselves, we love people to love us and we love fame, were not much good at anything so grab what we can, whenever we can and work it to death. Such is life. Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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