Refugee or Refusee, one is acceptable the other is not.


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Today I am going to touch a raw nerve one that like a broken tooth sits quietly until you touch it with your tongue or breath through your mouth and then suddenly the awareness is absolute, you cannot ignore it. Such is our National Condition when it comes to asylum seekers who are in Manus Island and do not want to be resettled in Papua New Guinea. On one hand you have those that want them to arrive here in Australia be welcomed with open and compassionate arms and the other, those that would have any Refugee returned to anywhere. Then there is the middle majority who just does not know the answer. That does not mean to say they don’t struggle with the issue, far from it, but they cannot see an equitable solution. However when some Refugees are offered a new place to live and they go into meltdown because they just don’t like that option, that middle order rapidly swings against the Refugee cause. The argument seems simple, if you are fleeing terror, what is wrong with living in a tropical paradise free of that terror? If you just want to make a bigger buck somewhere other than home, well you’re not a Refugee. An orphan does not choose their adoptive parents. Most people see those chosen as being the lucky ones and those not chosen as doomed to a life without opportunity and love. For the middle movement, the demand to live somewhere should not be an option for anyone that throws themselves at your mercy and expects to be cared for while things are sorted out. How many Australians would like to be given the package of opportunity to live in PNG and escape their economic misery is a reasonable counter argument. If you destroy the property of those that would help, you destroy the support base that is the only buffer from allowing the aggressive Right have their way.

Such is life.

Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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