To ‘T’ or not to ‘T’, that is the question!


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Call me old fashioned but I have never worn a T Shirt with a slogan or message on it unless there was a specific purpose, like a large 69 on my back on a playing field or something more official like Safety Officer at our yacht club. These Tees have an operational purpose, they advise the reader that the person wearing this garment has a specific roll to play in the current situation. Of course you can wear your ‘event’ T to go to the local supermarket but then it is out of context and becomes something else. Even though I was a child of the 60’s where this undergarment suddenly rose to prominence as slogan carrier systems or just tie dyed, they never appealed to me. I was violently opposed to wearing a company logo unless I was paid by that company to wear it, no free fee marketing Adonis me, but like the blooming of the poster business they became the media for the eclectic announcements like ‘Tuesday is my Friday’ or ‘REACH’ emblazoned in 450 point Helvetica in black. People paid heaps for the clever ones and for those who could not read or for women who did not like their chests being stared at while the reader was trying to decode the message, there was always the smiley face. But there were no smiley faces in the Australian Parliament when a journo who was authorized to be in the Parliament returned from his jog and told to turn his T inside out to hide the offensive but perfect example of journalistic crassness printed on said T. I do have to say it was the most obvious headline in the world but does that disenfranchise our journo’s right to freedom of expression? Since when have security become our style police and how do we define taste vs social inflammation? Je suis a wanker, yes, bit Charlie not really. But such is life.

Until for the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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