How can the civilized world deal with children who will kill without compunction?

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Yesterday I questioned the possible future requirement for the world to be forced to rethink how it behaves in light of the IS gangland global growth. When at school I was a member of the Army Cadets, I didn’t particularly like it but I did like to shoot the old WWII 303 riles on the range. I remember very clearly the sense of power holding a gun elicited. Of course it was all very Boys Own and fueled by my phantasmagorical imagination and gallons of testosterone but just the feeling alone in a teenager is something I have never forgotten. I also remember making wooden guns and looking down the pine barrel and getting my unsuspecting ‘victim’ in my highly accurate toilet role sniper sights. I would make a ‘Pffd’ sound as the silenced phantom bullet left on its inevitable killing trajectory delivering an equally phantom recoil. War, hunting, assassination and saving the maiden play I suppose still goes on. Since these play dates with my zombie mates, because I could never actually kill them, I have hunted real animals, always for food. That never made me feel special either because death was a real outcome complete with blood but the gun thing was always there. Guns equals power equals control and if you are in a toxic environment where someone gives you guns and as much ammo as you could possibly want you will stick the muzzle around a corner and spray a cloud of lead in the direction of a foe. It is not real, it becomes real when you get hurt or are up close to a victim or fallen comrade, this is when toys become weapons. Many of the IS children are no longer children, they are tragically killing machines, they know no better and we have to know how to manage our feelings and our responsibilities in stopping them. This is going to be just one rethink of Civilization.

Oh so sadly such is life.

Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée

5 thoughts on “How can the civilized world deal with children who will kill without compunction?

  1. It is certainly true far too many people regardless of religion have lived in a state of absolute if not constant warfare type existence and there have been cases, notably Ireland where the people, in particular the woman, said enough was enough. But I respectfully suggest my posting was not about past responsibilities, I am sure the US has made many a decisions they now firmly regret and have other nations, the French the British, the list is not a short one. My blog is about the potential shift in the moral landscape when a force, any force behaves in the way the IS Gangs behave. They are growing, they are being most successful at inflicting fear which surely is no tenant of Islam. The horror I am exploring is that for peoples who live in benign peace and have thus developed a benign approach to the social rules or morality, they are likely to be required to change their attitudes because they are being forced to question the status quo by the way that IS behaves, sadly that includes the use of innocent children. That being said I promise you I revile extreme, bigoted, misogynists who promote hate no matter what their religion or country, their flag is no armor for hiding the truth. Extremists period will be the catalyst of social change and the outcome is going to be cruel and bloody.

    • Without wishing to be trite, are not all wars illegal, can there be any justification? It is terrible, of course, and I ask myself, in terms of the context of this blog, could I kill a child firing a weapon (with clear intent of course)? I hope I never have to face that situation but one day I might, socially, meet someone who has and I need to know that I have the courage and wisdom to judge his/her actions with compassion Sadly it would inevitably change that person for ever. We know children are being stolen and turned into what the protagonists think are warriors and that in itself is a crime against humanity but once infected do they not, and oh how I hate writing this, forfeit the protection of being a juvenile if they are committing acts of warfare? IS may well use this chink in our Civilized armor for they have demonstrated that all basic moral codes are beyond their capabilities. It is not the fault of the West or East or any other ‘blanket’ it is the fault of poverty, lack of education and (predominately) male attitudes to the control of women and children. The latter is global because the concept of masculinity is one of rule and control. But I genuinely respect your point of view and thank you for engaging.

      • All wars are morally illegal, perhaps. But it is not really a point of discussion that the invasion of the middle east by the west was illegal, in terms of what it deemed legal by the UN and more specifically the Geneva Convention. It should also be noted that Islamic people in and around Israel have known nothing but war, discrimination and bastardisation for more than 2 generations.

        It should also be noted that IS was armed, and supported by the west during the first invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

        Documented civilian deaths in Iraq as a result of western invasion sits at somewhere between 134,421 – 151,676 as at Nov 2013, according to WikiLeaks data i could find.

        It is easy to say it is the fault over the ‘extremists’ that children are being manipulated in this way, but i think it is also short sighted to simply point that blame in a single direction.

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