Pint sized Elders debate the world and come to some interesting conclusions


WARNING minor colloquialisms used in this Post.

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While supping on a very fine hand crafted IPA a couple of days ago I was on the fringes of a conversation about warfare and IS and the whole damnable mess that is going to end our lovely planet in the not to distant future and one point was made that pricked up my ears and that was, all these so called armies are not armies at all but mercenaries. Being mercenaries they are gangs of course and not bound by any international laws of behavior. We, on the other hand, send our genuine soldiers against these warlords all, as one would hope and expect, bound by international laws and agreements about how to kill people with integrity. This, it would seem to me to be an unfair fight with one side severely limited by moral constraints while the other isn’t. Should we not, it was being suggested over a follow up pint, that we, being the world, establish a standing force, not an army, paid to meet terror with terror which seemed like an interesting idea until you discover that this has already been tried by the US supporting the Taliban against Russia and look what that led to. There was a resigned silence at this point with a number of downcast lads with, I will admit, foggy minds pondering the issue. As with all serious matters of debate at watering holes, conclusions are hard to reach but the debates are rich and stimulating. Out of the blue someone asked totally left of field “what is under that blank blanket in Mecca?” I knew this “a rock” I said “it might be a meteorite but no one knows for sure but is was around when Adam and Eve wandered the planet.” “You mean millions walk around a moon rock?” was the response. “Are you sure?” “Yes” I replied “and it is important for their belief.” “I give up, I bloody well give up” the question raiser wailed and with that there was a mutual scraping of stools and mumbled “cop you laters”

Well such is life.

Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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