REVLON and KIISFM you almost made me vomit my breakfast


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There was a time when I was in advertising and part of advertising was media buying. Advertising directors and managers asked the buyers to purchase specific spots on television, before the news, during the footy, wherever the media buyer thought he or she had a captive audience with the type of demographic that would purchase the product and the networks were sensible too. If, for example, on the News there was a report of an air crash, they would ‘pull’ a booked Qantas ad because it made sense, it was obvious, it was insensitive. The Net News doesn’t work like that is seems and I hope that someone passes this onto Revlon and KIIS 101FM. If you know anyone in either of these organizations then tell them they need to get their act together. So, I was looking into the story of another sick execution of a prisoner, one about the Japanese hostages claiming a video purports to show the beheading of one hostage. They never show the footage of the terrible deed but give the essence of what took place. I click and have to, if I want to watch this important news article, watch Revlon with some commercial about being addicted to love. Then comes the report and this is followed up immediately with a quick grab about the ‘hilarious’ duos on 101FM. Now there will be an explanation like it happens by machine these days, computers just do it. Well Revlon and 101 KISS FM you can KISS goodbye to any support from this solitary and not terribly important might be one day a customer person. But I am going to tell my friend Jacki who has a great radio show called Taking Care of Business and you can bet your bippi (there is it again godamn it) she will look into it. In all seriousness though I felt physically sick at the total lack of empathy for the story by the advertisers.

Well such is life.

Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée

One thought on “REVLON and KIISFM you almost made me vomit my breakfast

  1. I so agree, Brodie, how utterly vile, it makes me properly cross, the increasingly far-reaching absence of humanity in the media – actually, in many areas, really. Well, best not bang on.

    (Ah, yes! That damnable ubiquitous bippy!).

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