Abbott demotes the Prince as an Australia Day gift


Herald Sun (no pun intended)

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Time for a change with the music bed being played by my son on a didgeridoo that he actually made. He can play many more rifts but he was short of time and I did leave my request to the last minute. Time for another change too, the removal of the Abbott as our leading politician. I am certainly not the first to write a story about his preposterous Australia Day announcement and I doubt it will be the last but honestly, you judge. Last year he brings back Knighthoods for Australians, a long abandoned relic of colonialism is given a rebirth in the hope, one feels, that he will become one at some stage after his moment of fame as PM. This shocked Mr. and Mrs. Average seeing it as silly. But now that he has the power to ‘knight’ people and this year, on Australia Day, he ‘knights’ Prince Phillip. Now don’t get me wrong, I think it would give the old bloke a genuine chuckle but clearly his side-kick Peta failed to tell him because she hadn’t Googled it, that a Prince ranks higher than your every day Knight. The Abbot had just managed to demote the HM’s hubby and make Australia look pig ignorant to the rest of the world. The groans from his back benchers could be heard in Sydney and Melbourne and I for one do not blame them. I hold no truck with this man’s politics, just his incredible ineptness. When ask what he thought of what the comments on Social Media were saying he said ‘they are just digital Graffiti” which is another indication of how out of touch the man is. We have had some whackos in politics in this country and we lambast them with relish but when it is your PM that has made enough gaffs to rig a clipper, he really needs to fall on his sword and go away because he is insulting his electorate.

Well such is life. Until the next time this is Brodie Goozée

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