In the Australian vernacular, Cop You Later

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This is my 125 podcast, each 2 minutes longs, that is 250 minutes or a shade over 4 hours of murmurs, meanderings and musings. I set out to see if a 2 minute audio ‘chunk’ was an ideal ‘listen-to’ length. I never got an answer to that question but it seems that some have held fast to the model so I will say it is, at least, not too long to bore people to death. Its time to hang up my microphone because I am getting stale and searching for ideas in an information landscape that is getting repetitive. When that happens, you start to impose yourself upon your audience. I have had 2500 plus listens which is most rewarding but it works out to less than 10 a day. I am also a little jaded about the stories, most of them based in things that anger me, disappoint me or frustrate me. The wit, such as it is, may have entertainment value but only in endorsing what is wrong with the world not what it right. Larry, who listens, constantly, is forever sharing things in his space that are about beauty and wonder, he promotes the good in life with only an occasional tilt at the stupid and ignorant. I admire that perspective, it is based upon light rather than darkness. I have read pages from all of my followers and many of my ‘likers’ and the majority focus on the wonder of life, the planet and the journey. Sure you have ups and downs but the ‘ups’ win hands down. So this is it well in terms of Such is Life. I guess that says it all really, the last words of Ned Kelly, the Irish Australian rogue with a Robin Hood flair; the resignation, the sense that ‘in the end it all comes down to…’ Without realizing it I picked a title that best fitted my own character, one of ‘resignation’. Well I am not going to resign, I am going to somehow get of my posterior and do something, what that something is, I haven’t the faintest idea but my time is running out and I am not going to waste it by complaining. So thank you, each and every one of you. My comet came into your orbit for a little and now is swinging of into the great mystery. Who knows I might send in a signal from time to time.

Please, whatever you do, take care out there.

With love and thanks


This has been Brodie Goozée

One thought on “In the Australian vernacular, Cop You Later

  1. Oh, dear Brodie! I shall not say ‘what a shame!’, no, I understand the mental and emotional lethargy that can burden one in the course continuing in the same vein.

    It is with reluctance that I acknowledge that perhaps you have become mired in stagnant (verbal) waters.

    We have looked forward to Life In Australia every day; two minutes respite to enjoy your wit, and consider these issues.

    You will be missed, Brodie.

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