Now, where were we?


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Two years is a long time to be away from the blogophone but you might be happy to know it has not been totally barren from a recording point of view.  The two minute exercises on a daily basis was too demanding and as I said in my last post on this blog, it was too miserable in its content.  So now I am going to undertake two things, I am going to lengthen it by a minute and decrease its frequency.  So they will now be weekly or thereabouts and require your attention for three rather than two minutes, possible longer.  If this proves to be unpopular I am sure you will leave a suitable message to let me know.

That preamble is, for this composition, not included in the three minutes nor is this bit, er this could get messy.  Look I tell you what, for this episode I will tell you when the three minutes will actually start OK?  I just want to cover off the new rules.  I will be making observations mainly about OZ not limited to.  I will probably continue to have a jaded view of the world because my glasses are not rose tinted, they are jade green thus my distorted perspective.  The reduction in frequency will reduce the gloomy miasma residue of daily production and I will be able to ‘heal’ between postings thus the net result should be a little more upbeat.  There is also a vague chance that the reduced frequency may place less of a demand upon our collective friendships and rather than feeling obliged to listen, you will look forward to a listen.  Well I can but hope.

So in the immortal words from Listen with Mother, a flash from my childhood when I would listen to the valve radio in front of the fire hearth while she clicked and clacked with her knitting needles,  ‘are you sitting comfortable, then let us begin’.

We are about to go through our Census in Australia, a process for which, unlike voting, you cannot be fined for refusing to undertake your civic duty.  This is probably just as well because The Bureau of Statistics have made a complete hash of things thinking they were really clever and so was the Australian public.  Firstly, they sent a letter to all of us in an ordinary (we think) envelope addressed To The Householder.  Now any one-on-one with someone who knows about Direct Mail will understand that putting ‘To The Householder’ or ‘To the Owner’ flags the mailed piece as ’Junk Mail’ and it is instantly discarded.  That is just what happened in our house so the unique pin number that would have unlocked our on-line and thus ‘quick-to-complete’ Census form has got to the recycler.  One I discovered that I had made this boo boo I said to myself “I now need a paper version so I will call Census and request one”.  They had a message service that said the lines were busy, call back but by now news reports were hitting the airwaves about the drama that was unfolding.  Exasperated senior managers from the Bureau told us they were doing their best to get more lines and more call centre operatives to unlock the problem but were astounded at the Australian Public’s response and their propensity to want to use a quill to complete this vital national survey rather than use their smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop or super computer.  They probably do not have enough back-up forms but that is another issue.

Now none of this would be a real drama if people didn’t continue to put Jedi in the box denoting Religious preference even if that is your personal religion.  There is also an issue with the LGBTI space allocated to Gender.  I am not sure what the problem is as I do not have a form and am missing computer access, through the aforesaid loss of my pin number.  However, the airwaves are positively humming with reproaches from this part of our Community.  Then there are the Catholics, C of E, Mormons, Adventists and all the rest who are having a jolly good winge because of the number of atheists (most of which I think are actually agnostic but don’t really understand the difference).  The fear of the WASPs is that if you were a WASP and now have thought things through and have decided it was all a lot of people management systems that got out of hand,  by saying you are an atheist you lay the way open for the Muslims to become The Australian Faith and that would lead to the town planners putting a Mosque next to every Maccas.  This is a great worry to the department of noise pollution who fear they will not have enough lines or call centre operators to manage the deluge of complaints about dawn droning.

We will see what happens on the night but without a form and without a pin, I will probably watch the Olympics instead.  Until the next time, this was and continues to be Brodie Goozée.

6 thoughts on “Now, where were we?

  1. Hi Brodie Really enjoyed listening to your 3 minute spiel. Love the sound of your voice.

    On 4 Aug 2016 05:57, “Life in Australia in 2 minute sound bites” wrote:

    bgoozee posted: ” Listen above or read below…. Two years is a long time to be away from the blogophone but you might be happy to know it has not been totally barren from a recording point of view. The two minute exercises on a daily basis was too demanding an”

  2. Ah! Welcome back to your devoted readers, dear Brodie! I must thank you for this particularly essential kernel of information, re – census pin number.

    I shall now make has out to the recycling bin to retrieve the predicably piffed envelope in question (damn its ambiguous header!).

    We look forward to your wit, your prose and intelligent observations.

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